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    Re: First Solo Trip coming up!

    There's something about the park when you're by yourself, you're able to appreciate small details more. Have a blast!!

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    Re: First Solo Trip coming up!

    I have never regretted a day spent alone at the park. Or with friends. Either way, I'm happy, though I structure the day differently. Some days I actually prefer to be solo.
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    Re: First Solo Trip coming up!

    I've yet to go alone, but I will have to eventually. My main game plan is to not stay long past dark, if at all. I have a 2 hour drive to and from and I'd rather leave earlier in the evening and avoid any of the late night drunk drivers and other evening hazards.
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    Re: First Solo Trip coming up!

    Like others have said, I love going alone because you are able to do what you want, when you want to, and take as long as you want doing it.

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    Re: First Solo Trip coming up!

    Great topic. I have lurked around here for a long time. I came in here for similar questions.

    I am going solo sometime in the next few weeks. I live in Vegas now but I am moving back home to Wisconsin around the beginning of May. So if I want to go its going to have to before than. The move is kind of sudden. I moved here about a year ago and finding a good job has not been easy. Regardless if I stayed in Vegas or not I had been wanting to go to Disneyland no matter what. Now I kind of need to and soon. Its will make be happy before doing something I really do not want to.

    So my question is when to go? I know right now with Easter and spring break it must be really busy. I looked it up and a site said end of April is better. Is that true?

    My window of time is time is small but really I can go anytime I want between now and than. FOr money reason I am planning to do a one day park hopper ticket. I am going through luxbuses. I was thinking of Motel 6.

    Any suggestions?

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