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    Trip Report: March 17 - 27!

    Long time member to mice chat but I've finally decided to write my first trip report! We've never decided to hit the parks during spring break; a time that's not quite the hit summer time peak, but still busy none the less. My parents have been at least twenty times and this was my second (hoping to hit the parks as much as possible after graduation, possibly DCP if I'm eligible or Canada pavilion in Epcot.)
    We started on Sunday, hitting it with our traditional dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Checking out the much smaller Downtown Disney compared to its sister park WDW.
    Name:  DISNEYLAND 025 (373x500).jpg
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    First day we managed to pound off a lot of rides! The weather wasn't too great, but we were patient with the sun
    Name:  DISNEYLAND 040 (373x500).jpg
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Size:  186.7 KB Name:  club 33 (499x500).jpg
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    Passed by Club 33 to show my dad where it was, (one day guys!)
    Name:  route 66 (500x498).jpg
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    Finally got to see this! Although we'd just hit up WDW for the first time in July, I'd finally got to see my first glimpse of Cars Land and BVS. I barely even remember DCA before the re-imagined, new installments came in to play.
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    Although I really enjoyed the beautiful job that the imagineers did capturing Radiator Springs, I was a little upset with Flo's menu. Was really hoping for a more Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre type menu, stereotypical diner food instead of mom's tv-dinner meat loaf type comfort food. On many occasions we wanted to catch a quick bite, or share a burger and found ourselves having to run across the park or to Disneyland to just get a simple meal. (Not trying to complain though, I'm definitely in love with Disney's dining, but definitely a bummer.)
    Name:  racers (500x495).jpg
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    Finally got to try out Radiator Springs Racers! Incredible! For anyone about to go, try single rider. Fastpasses run out INCREDIBLY EARLY. My family was definitely not down to wait 140 minutes in stand-by, but a lovely custodian gave us a handy tip to try single rider. Because of the odd 6 seat function of the car, most families are a party of 4. Giving us at least the opportunity to ride in pairs of twos consecutively after the others got on. Most families were nice enough to arrange it so we would sit next to each other. Was slightly hoping it would go at least a wee bit faster, but for what it is, it's fantastic.
    Name:  LA JOLLA (500x498).jpg
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    Took a break on days 3 and 4 to check out Universal and La Jolla/Old Town in San Diego.
    Name:  SHRUNKEN NED (500x494).jpg
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    Went back to the parks on Thursday, and got my first piece of advice from Shrunken Ned next to the Tiki Room. Inspirational. Name:  dear photo (491x500).jpg
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    Finally got a chance to try my hand at a fun and nostalgic project I've loved for the past year or two. An incredibly inspiring website called dearphotograph. Along with this goes a little note that you would write to that photo, here's mine: "Dear photograph, We have cherished this place for years, now finally invited back to see it (so often in so little time!) I could not be more thankful for it at the times I needed inspiration the most. Though we each share such a wonder, I feel it's mine to call home. Thank you Walt for what you've started for us all. Love, Becky."
    Name:  world of colour (497x500).jpg
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    Finally got to see the wonder that is - The World Of Colour! Incredible show! I was teary eyed the entire time.
    Name:  golden (497x500).jpg
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    Looking for a quick bite one night we ran in to the Golden Horseshoe, and realized the restaurant was completely empty, and kind of closed. My night was made by a friendly cast member who'd showed us around and given us a private tour of the entire restaurant. I wasn't really sure if the public was allowed to hang out in Walt's booth, but it felt pretty damn cool to take a picture there. I felt the chills walking in to the booth, and a wave of anxiety. A very odd and mysterious feeling that I don't get very often, but it was a cool little thing to do on a bored night when the lines are too long.
    Name:  castle (500x497).jpg
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    The castle on a lovely day.
    Name:  THE speech (500x496).jpg
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    Loved the trip, but noticed it got incredibly packed during the weekend! Even in the peak season during weekends I'd never seen WDW so packed in comparison. I could not believe my eyes at the wait times, haunted mansion was 50 minutes, pirates was 70, space mountain was 90, etc. Park hours were extended but fireworks were cancelled halfway through due to "high winds" and our Captain EO excursion was cut shorts due to technical problems with the 3D effects. But after about 8:00 crowds cut down to 1/3. Wait times then became 10 minutes for everything on our last day, after waiting hours for our fast passes to be valid, all line ups were 5 people long. Sigh.
    Great trip, but hoping to go back as soon as I possibly can.

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    Re: Trip Report: March 17 - 27!

    Excellent trip report!

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    Re: Trip Report: March 17 - 27!

    I love that nostalgic photograph you took! Really cute. Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you to Poisonedapples for my awesome signature!
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