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    Re: Does this mean the subs are here to stay? (Finding Nemo Sequel Confirmed)

    So...about that "Monsters University" coming this Summer. I guess that means that the "Monsters Inc." ride in DCA is here to stay. Along with that "Laugh Floor" thing in Florida's Tommorowland. Does the prequel mean they'll both be getting updates?
    Did the release of Toy Story 3 mean that TSMM got an upgrade? Does the existence of a third film confirm that it's not going anywhere?
    "Cars" also had a sequel,released in 2011, but "Carsland" in DCA is of course, set entirely in the World of the first movie, even though it opened in 2012. (though construction of course had to have been well underway in 2011)
    What am I saying? That the announcement of a "Nemo" sequel, (which almost sounds more like a Dory "spinoff") doesn't necessarily prove that the ride(along with the "Living Seas" thing, the show in DAK, etc.)is staying, or is getting an update. It just shows that the original film did well(as does seemingly everything from Pixar), has an enduring following after almost 10 years, and has been spun off/synergized into sequels, theme park ride makeovers, shows, parade units, etc. So what else is new.
    Anyway, the one Pixar movie that seems to be getting shortchanged in the theme park department is the one that was my favorite,"The Incredibles". And I guess with the Marvel acquisition, that may not be changing anytime soon.

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    Re: Does this mean the subs are here to stay? (Finding Nemo Sequel Confirmed)

    Quote Originally Posted by MrLiver View Post
    That simple - the lack of action tells us all that it is too expensive.
    DCA 1.0 had a lack of action too .. for quite some time. Took a while to get that park properly off, on the right foot. And still needs work.

    "Lack of action" could mean MANY things. We just can't look at things, in such simplistic terms. One simply cannot make a wide sweeping generalization like that. When the truth is .. there's lots of complicated issues surrounding one decision to get any particular thing moving. And DCA 1.0 ... is a perfect example.

    People asked for the return of Captain EO and after a few short months, the attraction became a ghost town. People asked for the return of Mr Lincoln. Lincoln came back, and the crowds disappeared.
    And if Peoplemover returned as is (per 1967 design and all) ... right back into the same '67 & '77 infrastructure, that is now 45 years old ... then you might have a point.

    But you and I know better .. if they ever attempt another P.M. type experience again .... It would have to be part of a whole new package. A newly renovated land, with new attractions.

    If they brought the Peoplemover out, in the way you speak ...... I'll be joining you, with a look of dismay.

    The ride's premise was to get glimpses of surrounding Tomorrowland attractions. I think you'd have a point .. with a "grand circle tour" of a land, as it is now .. which I'd find quite depressing, and not in such a big hurry to ride it again.

    The one thing everyone has to keep in mind, is that these attractions originally closed because they were too expensive to keep running compared to the number of guests they were seeing. There is no conspiracy, just simple mathematics. If you're attraction is seeing the same number of guests per day, but costing ten times as much as Peter Pan to keep running, then you have to close it and try something else.
    That's a very nice simplistic view of "Why attractions close for new ones" ... except I know that does not pertain to the Peoplemover.

    It was a case of making room for something new. They had the confidence then ... Rocket Rods would be a worthy replacement. Just as Star Tours was a new exciting concept ... and something had to go, to make room. ATIS was not a "ghost town", in '83 and '84 when Star Tours was in development.

    So, it had nothing to due with declining interest with the Peoplemover - for just a few short years prior ... It was all part of the "TL:2055". Had that design gone through ... PM would have been part of that New Tomorrowland. And grandfathered in, to this day.

    The PeopleMover never had a line either.
    Well ... that might be because it, along with the Carousel of Progress where the Number 1, and Number 2 Highest Capacity attractions in all of Disneyland - beating out PotC and It's A Small World. It was something like 4,800 per hour .. or more.

    Wanna talk math? 62 trains ... each carrying 4 cars ... each car with a capacity of 4, and the carousel loading platform, never empty of trains.

    But you know all this, already. (For years!) I'm just repeating myself with you.

    They don't have to make the best creative decisions, because truthfully they are not running an art museum.
    WHAT?? Do you know what you just said??

    That would be something we would expect from Six Flags, Knott's .. maybe Universal .. about 15 years ago. Not from a company once known for exceeding expectations. It's been written in book after book after book. The philosophies that the Walt Disney Co. stood for - Always trying to make the best creative decisions.

    They are running a theme park. they make the decisions based on what their visitors are telling them,
    Question ...... Did guests in 1956 and 1957 tell Walt to build a miniature Matterhorn, with a bobsled run? Did visitors tell them to build a boat ride, where they'd encounter pirates .. on a 15 minute journey?

    Since when does the public have the savvy to be making creative decisions that would impact more than just themselves, including future generations?

    Mr. Liver .... You do make for good entertainment.

    I never will forget your comment on a Tomorrowland topic several years ago. "Tomorrowland is just fine, as is."

    I know you like to spin Tomorrowland stories that paint your own picture. But with my knowledge of Tomorrowland ... I know what you say sometimes is not entirely accurate.


    The trend lately hasn't been to replace outright but to change and tweak in little ways to attract more of the locals. they did it with Mansion, they did it with Pirates, they did it with Small World and I would imagine they would do it here too.
    I don't think they need new "trends" to attract more locals. PotC, It's A Small World, Haunted Mansions queues never suffered from declining interest. It gave Imagineering something to do, in times when there's not a lot to do.

    But pardon me if I'm making wide sweeping generalizations. LOL

    It's not nice for me to fool the Micechat community into believing everything I say.

    Best for me to be as honest as I can, without my own (dishonest) biased "spin". :O)
    Last edited by Tomorrowland_1967; 04-05-2013 at 04:00 PM.
    Dear Peoplemover Fans, If you want to see a new attraction that at least mimics the 1967 Peoplemover in a future Tomorrowland remodel, you need to write to the powers-that-be, and let them know. If you don't - Then the next time Tomorrowland is remodeled, you will see a land barren of any "Peoplemover" type attraction.

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    Re: Does this mean the subs are here to stay? (Finding Nemo Sequel Confirmed)

    Quote Originally Posted by MrLiver View Post
    Autopia is a good attraction to take up a lot of space and make a park feel bigger than it actually is. That's the exact reason why Walt put it in Tomorrowland in 1955. At some point though, the cost of expanding Disneyland will no longer be justified (and I think we're already hit that point) and removing filler attractions like Autopia will make more economic sense than just expanding out and continually adding new attractions.

    It's one thing to add a new attraction and increase your operating costs, but if they have a way to increase capacity, attract new guests AND reduce their operating costs, they will do it. With the Autopia and Subs, they haven't been able to do it for a variety of reasons: the Autopia was renovated in 2000 and under a 10 year contract which meant the subs couldn't be outright replaced. So the subs were renovated in 2006. and since the Monorail wasn't going anywhere because of Nemo, they updated that too.

    The evidence has been in Disney trying to reduce the costs of that whole back corner. All of the renovations in the last ten years have been to make Autopia, Monorail, and Subs more cost effective to keep open. What better way to reduce the operating costs of that whole area than replace it with a newer attraction (or land) that can increase capacity and draw guests?

    At some point you have to just stop upgrading your computer and just buy a new one. Same deal here.

    i absolutely agree with the sentiment but i really think disney just really loves autopia. it is actually very popular with little kids since they obv can't drive and thus driving is super cool. it's obviously not that interesting for grown ups. but the real clue was hk disneyland. that park is tiny and easily the worst of the mk parks in the world - it is missing whole lands and a ton of attractions. it is a perfect opportunity to put in new and better rides, and given the huge space limitation, a smart idea too... in fact when hk disney opened, it had no autotopia. but nope they tossed it in in their first expansion phase. so whatever the reason (cost, big land filler, tradition, etc), they just really love having autopia in mk parks.

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    Re: Does this mean the subs are here to stay? (Finding Nemo Sequel Confirmed)

    Quote Originally Posted by Disneymike View Post
    I don't see then ripping out the Subs but I do see a wrap in the near future for the Monorails.....
    If it weren't for the Monorails I would never have been able to pretend as a "grownup" that commuting by light rail is actually a ride at Disneyland -- Please don't even think this out loud!
    "Ignore the Chihuahua behind the curtain."

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    Re: Does this mean the subs are here to stay? (Finding Nemo Sequel Confirmed)

    Quote Originally Posted by CaliforniaAdventurer View Post
    How many times have you been on a real submarine?
    Please don't destroy my childhood illusion...that WAS a real submarine!
    "Ignore the Chihuahua behind the curtain."

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