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    Re: I'm taking a pocket full of quarters to Disneyland. What should I spend them on?

    Quote Originally Posted by maggiespot View Post
    I cannot even express how much I love pressed pennies! I've been collecting them everywhere since I was a kid and am working on filling my third penny passport. Well on my last trip, with a little inspiration (okay, A LOT of inspiration) from Jen at, I picked up some extras of the pennies I really liked. One for the passport, and one for this:

    Attachment 28925
    That's a fun way to display your pressed pennies. I like the Storytellers penny especially.
    Next time I go, I'm going to try it with a shined up penny from before 1982 and see how it turns out.

    Slightly off topic, but I did mention my hummingbird pictures earlier. I figured I'd go ahead and post them here.

    We've got a hummingbird! Or at least, she's living in our tree.

    Back on March 16, 2013 they were just two tiny little eggs. They're about the size of a Jelly Belly jelly bean. The nest is about as big as a ping pong ball.

    On March 30th, they had hatched and they were these tiny little things at the bottom of the nest.

    But just 11 days later, they are much bigger.

    If you want to see more pictures I have two posts on my blog.

    We've got a hummingbird!
    The hummingbird babies have hatched and are getting big!

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    Re: I'm taking a pocket full of quarters to Disneyland. What should I spend them on?

    Chocolate chunk cookies from Pooh's Corner

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