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    When did Disneyanna move to its current location?

    I am trying to find out when Disneyanna moved to its current location, next to the Market House. I read an older Disney A to Z book and all it said was that it moved to its former location, what is now the jewelry store next to Futurosity, in 1987. But I do recall it being there in 92' from personal experience.


    On a side note, I did hear that once Disneyanna moves to the currently Gallery location it will be immediately be known as Disneyanna and not the Disney Gallery. Also, the SB counter will be where Disneyanna was.

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    Re: When did Disneyanna move to its current location?

    Disneyana moved to the location next to Market House in 86- I believe it was mentioned in today's Dateline Disney.

    I'll just be happy that Disneyana will keep the name and have a larger space to exist. LOVE the old bank location.
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