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    Re: Buena Vista Street (DCA) vs. Hollywood Blvd. and/or Sunset Blvd. (DHS)

    I DO like Hollywood Blvd and YES, before the giant hat, it was pretty cool to see the Chinese Theater at the end of it, especially being from L.A. And Sunset is cool as well and certainly much stronger than Sunset at DCA. DHS not only is it bigger as others said it does a better job of how TOT is presented. A lot more thematic and open. I have no problems of TOT placement in DCA, I just wish they couldve added more like the garden in DHS. And yes, Hollywood Blvd in DCA is not that great because its mainly just faces and that ugly Hyperion theater backdrop is ugly. IF they change it to look like a real Hollywood building as planned in the future it will go a long way.

    But all that said, I really LOVE BVS! I dont know, it just feels more complete to me. Maybe because I like how the interiors are connected all the way through. Or probably the bridge, CCT and the fountain is really nice. But yes, the RCT just gives it a lot of energy and makes it a bit more 'lived in' like MS does. That kinetic energy puts it over for me alone.

    And people have to rember, BVS is an overlay of whats there before, so they had to work with what they were given basically and did an amazing job for a tiny amount of space. IF they didnt cheap out DCA from the beginning and had the idea of BVS from the start, it would probably be even better with a bit more room and more buildings they couldve add. I think its great the way it is now, but I wouldve liked it if they had maybe another half block to make the theme stronger.

    Of course if they didnt cheap out DCA, I guess the entire park wouldve just looked better in general.

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    Re: Buena Vista Street (DCA) vs. Hollywood Blvd. and/or Sunset Blvd. (DHS)

    In general I like the Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd part of the DHS. Tower of Terror at the end of Sunset Blvd is fantastic but super ridiculous that just off to the side is a totally out of place Rockin Rollercoaster (at least you cant see it until you get to the end of the street!)

    I always thought that the buildings on Hollywood Blvd at DHS seemed just too small. They tried to get so many representative buildings in that it just doesn't feel "real."

    Same problem at DCA for Hollywood Blvd as this really is still set up like a Back Lot which just doesn't work at all.

    Nothing more needs to be said about the abomination that is the hat at DHS.

    If DHS added a working red car it would add an awful lot to the area!
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    Re: Buena Vista Street (DCA) vs. Hollywood Blvd. and/or Sunset Blvd. (DHS)

    Would a Red Car match the scale of DHS?

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    Re: Buena Vista Street (DCA) vs. Hollywood Blvd. and/or Sunset Blvd. (DHS)

    some people are very nit-picky. DCA entrance copied DHS entry gates.! but some people say the one in DCA is a lot better? idk

    anyways, I would think they would build a trolly at DHS cus they got rid of te Pixar Parade and Disney Channel Rocks.

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