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    Marriage Proposal in need of Mickey Mouse magic.


    My name is Nit Singh, born, raised and educated in the great state of California. I am writing this mice chat post as a request for your aid in my marriage proposal.

    My girlfriend of over four years, Amu Bhatt, and I have been attending Disneyland ever since we started dating (currently third year annual pass holders and counting!). The resort has become an idyllic setting to countless milestones in our relationship as we have grown closer throughout the years.

    I have been scrambling left and right with all the other preparations(engagement ring, parental approval and etc) and the only thing left now is securing a reservation at Disneyland's exclusive restaurant, Club 33. It would be the ideal backdrop for when I propose to my Amu. The view from that balcony is downright magical, like something out of a timeless Disney movie! Unfortunately all the doors I have been knocking on now to lock down a date at Club 33 have been met with no responses.

    I have been writing and rewriting this post request over and over. Trying to figure out the combinations of words, and personal stories to share, thinking if I arrange the sentences just right it would be enough to convey how momentousness your aid would be in this. Believe me, I have a lot of stories to share! I would greatly appreciate it if there is anything you could do in helping me set the stage for the next chapter in my life. Be it a contact email recommendation and etc.

    Thank you for your time,
    Nit Singh

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    Re: Marriage Proposal in need of Mickey Mouse magic.

    Good luck, sir. Stranger things than random acts of kindness have been known to happen from time to time.
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    Re: Marriage Proposal in need of Mickey Mouse magic.

    Good luck. Hopefully someone will send some Pixie Dust your way.
    In the meantime, think of an alternate plan in regards to proposing. I am sure there are special memories you could recreate in your proposal that would make it just as magical than if it took place in Club 33.

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    Re: Marriage Proposal in need of Mickey Mouse magic.

    I have heard that if you make a regular restaurant reservation and mention to them that it's a special one, they will help you out. Talk to the staff when you first come in as well, and they can do all kinds of great things to help with your surprise. Good luck!!

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