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    Re: Disneyland Hotel Monorail?

    Funny, I was thinking about that today while riding the Monorail into the park... I can remember meeting visiting relations at the hotel and riding in with them. Pity, my parents thought we lived too close to justify a stay at the hotel... I always wanted to...

    Today, raining, the windows in the monorail were open.... sort of a moving version of Rainforest.... without the fries....

    woman in monorail was talking about being stalled some time ago, said they had to wait for a "tow" on the monorail line... must be interesting ;-)
    a monorail tow truck?
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    Re: Disneyland Hotel Monorail?

    Yes the station is the same location and the beam was moved south for Indy.
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    Re: Disneyland Hotel Monorail?

    Here's a round trip ticket from July 1995 from my own collection. Sure wish they still offered this.

    I remember around this time the monorail breaking down in the Tomorrowland station while on a round-trip, and the operators let us out of the rear cone to escort us out of the park. After a little sweet-talking, we got as far as the Hub when the cast member let us go and told us to have a good time. That was at treat.

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