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    Small World Safety Spiels

    I just thought this was a funny video, you really don't realize how many languages they're saying it in when you're on the ride

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    Re: Small World Safety Spiels

    So 5 of them?
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    Re: Small World Safety Spiels

    Well considering what the ride is about...makes sense

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    Re: Small World Safety Spiels

    Sounds like the lady doing the announcement in English is the same one who did the Peoplemover spiel.

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    Re: Small World Safety Spiels

    I think it was. Her name is BJ Ward, and she "re-mastered" her Peoplemover spiel at the 2011 D23 Expo. It was part of the "Voices of the Parks" presentation, which can be located on YouTube.

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    Re: Small World Safety Spiels

    I love how this video debunks the horrible stereotype that German is a harsh and 'ugly' sounding language; I thought the lady spoke it nicely! "Bitte halten Sie Hände und Arme innerhalb das Boot, und bleiben Sie sitzen bis Sie gebeten werden auszusteigen. Danke schön."

    By the way,would anyone be willing to post the Spanish script please?
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    Re: Small World Safety Spiels

    full of sterotypes, but needed for this attraction
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