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    Popcone Flavor's Rotation Schedule

    Does anyone have any idea where to find out what flavors of Popcorn they have at the cone and or what the rotation schedule is like. We are addicted to the Dill Pickle!

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    Re: Popcone Flavor's Rotation Schedule

    The Vinegar and Salt and Dill Pickle Popcorn is located at the Cozy Cone in Cone #5 in Carsland. Disneyland sells only regular popcorn at all of its stalls. There are a few Kettle corn stalls in DCA. I know of one near Soarin' and the other I think is on the Boardwalk in Paradise Pier
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    Re: Popcone Flavor's Rotation Schedule

    Thanks Brian - but they have something like 7 flavors that they rotate in and out of the Cone and was just trying to find out if anyone had any idea how/when they rotate them. It sounds crazy but we would probably plan our trips around the dill pickle popcorn schedule. LOL! We've been there way to many times just to be disappointing by that nasty bacon cheddar popcorn - which I have to add tastes nothing like Bacon!

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