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    Why is Small World closed?

    Just saw on mouse wait that IASW is closed and I was hoping to go on it tomorrow for vacation :/

    Its already disappointing enough that space mountain , thunder , soaring., and Matterhorn will be closed..

    Please tell me this is just temporary for today and dosh didnt shut them down too!

    Thanks for any info

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    Re: Why is Small World closed?

    Its probably closed for a routine mechanical breakdown and open later on in the day. And last time I checked Matterhorn is reopened and the closure they were suppose to happen this week has been postponed.

    Hope you have a fun vacation tomorrow.

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    Re: Why is Small World closed?

    Don't worry about attractions go down all the time (I hope not on Gumball-fingers crossed) the go down mostly because of a breakdown or rude guests doing something stupid. I would not look at the Micewait app until you are in the park.
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    Re: Why is Small World closed?

    Matterhorn was open today, although only the fantasyland side was running so the line was extra long. Hopefully you will still be able to find enjoyment in the attractions that are open!

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