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    The man who copied disneyland?

    A long time ago, I recall reading about a man who attempted to copy Walt's Disneyland. If I remember correctly, he was an
    ex-employee of Disney's? I could be completely off my rocker, but I could swear I read something at least along the lines of that.
    I need the info about it for a research paper now, and I'm frustrated that I can't find anything about it, other than Nara Dreamland which is something different I know about. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Re: The man who copied disneyland?

    The man you are thinking of is C.V. Wood. He was fired by Disney in 1956 and went on to create Freedomland and Pleasure Island. Neither park was successful.

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    Re: The man who copied disneyland?

    While Freedomland may have been a financial failure, it was a success to the point that I still remember it fondly for providing this Disneyland starved kid with some fun afternoons until I could get to the real deal.

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    Re: The man who copied disneyland?

    Wood, much to Walt's eyebrow raising ire, liked to bill himself as "the man who built Disneyland."

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