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    Re: Avengers 3D Ride

    How About a Avengers shooting Attraction that will replace Innoventions. Walt Disney Imageenerings, along with Marvel Entertainment, Sally Corporation, Industrial Light and Magic and RealD.

    Guests and The Avengers must stop Loki and the Chitauri and recover the Tesseract.

    Similar to Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D

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    Re: Avengers 3D Ride

    Quote Originally Posted by DLFan1995 View Post
    I agree with Mondo. I can appreciate Iron Man, but not necessarily in Tomorrowland.

    As for the Avengers, I just don't like that kind of mash-up at all. Individually, the Avenger characters provide potential for viable stand alone attractions. But I together they just become a jumble of disparate conflicting abilities and personalities that just don't mesh. Especially in a single attraction. An attraction with such a big ensemble cast would not be able to provide enough focus on any character to make it worthwhile (unless the attraction were an hour long).
    I agree about the mashups. I enjoy several of the individual Marvel comics, but never really found the Avengers all that satisfying.

    Just as I enjoy some of the Disney characters, I would be very put off by a mashup attraction with Peter Pan, Prince Philip, Jack Sparrow, Buzz Lightyear, Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel taking on any number of various Disney villains.

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    Re: Avengers 3D Ride

    Sounds like a good ride, again, this needs to go to Immaginering!
    The new Star Wars plot summery:

    Episode 7: Luke discovers that Darth Vader is not his father, and goes on a search for his real father

    Episode 8: Darth Vader is resurrected and goes on Jerry Springer, claiming he is Luke and Leia's father

    Episode 9: Princes Leia is not Luke's sister, making him furious (we all know why...).

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    Re: Avengers 3D Ride

    I see Avengers taking over EO. That'll be a great start, beside Iron Man Exhibit, to bring Marvel into the park.

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