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    Lightbulb AP Upgrade Question???

    My wife and I along with our 4 kids plan on investing in Deluxe or maybe even Premium AP's this year and plan on visiting 5/31-6/3 as our first visit. I'm tempted to buy the Deluxe pass ($2814 total) or maybe even Premium AP's ($3,894 total for PAP's).....but our first visit has a blackout day on Saturday, June 1st. Our next trip is for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend which also has a blackout day the Saturday of the event.

    Here is where I need advice...would it be worth it to buy discounted tickets through for our first trip and then upgrade to a Deluxe AP on the final day (on 6/3). This gets me through at least one blackout day and one early entry (I believe). Then I would just buy 6 blackout passes ($70 x 6 = $420) for the Deluxe passes during the half marathon weekend. I believe this might still be cheaper than buying 6 Premium AP's outright. And then just work around blackout days for the future visits...

    Or would it be more cost effective to just fork over the $3894 (6 Premium AP's)?

    I don't mean to manipulate the system, just trying to pick your brain and see the most cost effective way to get a family of six into the park...quite the investment!!!

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    Re: AP Upgrade Question???

    If you are a SoCal resident, you could just buy the cheapest AP and upgrade to the next tier on each of your visits. Disney issues complementary Blackout day tickets with the purchase of a new or an upgrade to a AP that is blocked out.

    By going the route I posted above, you will get 3 free blackout days.

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    Re: AP Upgrade Question???

    And if you purchase it on a blackout day, you get free entry that day as well

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    Re: AP Upgrade Question???

    You can choose to go somewhere else on those blocked out days. Beach, museum, etc.

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    Re: AP Upgrade Question???

    I didn't want to deal with blackout dates, so I just went for the Premium. Already been there 14 times since February, so I think it has been worth it.
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    Re: AP Upgrade Question???

    I'd suggest no matter what you do, do it now not then. Ticket prices will likely go up before that start of summer visit.

    There is a lot of good advice about upgrading to get in on blockout days.

    The problem is with lower tier APs you would be blocked out on other days. So you are right to only look at the top levels, delux and premium. Expect a blockout day to be $75 or so in September if you stick with a delux. Remember discounts are better on premiums.

    One premium AP in a car covers parking for the whole car, even if it's 5 year old Jimmy not the driver with the premium AP.

    For food and merchandise the payer needs the premium AP to get that discount.
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