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    Fantasy Faire Royal Dance Hall?

    Just saw this in a Miceage forum stating the Fantasy Faire Royal Theatre may become the Fantasy Faire Royal Dance Hall (associated with a special "Monsters" event?)

    "...The new Fantasy Faire Royal Theatre at Disneyland park will become a Royal Dance Hall late at night with a live band and dancing..."

    Disneyland Resort, Monsters U Merch, Blue Bayou Menu

    Anyone have insight into whether this is a one-time event or possible re-introduction of swing bands and dancing back into the parks on Saturday nights?

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    Re: Fantasy Faire Royal Dance Hall?

    I saw that the look of it right now, it may be a one time thing.

    HOWEVER (don't hold your breath now...)

    Depending on the success from this, it is possible that they may (again, don't hold your breath, this is just speculation) or may not consider bringing it back. It may have taken them 10 years to fix DCA's mistakes from the general response of the crowds lack of interest in going, but people can really make a difference if our numbers are strong.

    Sadly, I won't be able to go. If the 24 hour party is anything like it was last year, I will pass...but I'd love to see how it goes.

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    Re: Fantasy Faire Royal Dance Hall?

    ORWEN: Oh, my! It looks like I'm going to have to go out and hire myself a fairy Godmother who can conjur up a pretty ball gown for me to wear--along with some glass slippers. I just love excuses to dress up like a princess and then dance the night away!! I'll most likely need a pumpkin coach, too!

    ORGOCH: Ya IS the pumpkin coach, ya fool!!!

    (Sounds of thrashings and crashing followed by a deadly calm...)

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