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    Re: What were your "must-do" things at Disneyland when you went with your family?

    AstroBlasters, POTC, HM, IASW, Star Tours, Train, All the Castle rides, tea pots, Matterhorn, Fantasmic, Wishes.

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    Re: What were your "must-do" things at Disneyland when you went with your family?

    We also went about once every other year. We always would take the Grand Circle Tour on the Railroad forst thing. My parents also loved Tiki Room, Country Bears, and America Sings. We always seemed to eat at Hungry Bear too.

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    Re: What were your "must-do" things at Disneyland when you went with your family?

    Quote Originally Posted by Big D View Post
    When I was a kid growing up in So Cal, our family would go to Disneyland for one full day a year every year. It was the day that I most looked forward to, and there were certain things that we did every single year without exception. Mostly they were the things that my dad loved. The first thing we always did was visit the bathrooms on Main Street by the Fire Engine (that would be my mom's thing), but after that we always rode the train around the park first, then made our way over to the west side of the park so that by lunchtime we'd be at the Hungry Bear Restaurant, and always saw the Country Bear Jamboree. Once Star Tours opened that became a must-do as well. What kinds of things did your family always do at Disneyland?
    When I was a kid we did the same things. One whole day per year most of the year. I will never forget that we ate at the Blue Byou every time.
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    Re: What were your "must-do" things at Disneyland when you went with your family?

    Our family trips were always in August. So we always tried to stay awake so we could leave by 11:00 PM (my dad set the time). A couple of times he decided to stay way until closing time, which on summer weekends were at 1:00AM.
    As far as in the park, there was no set plan. Just get on as many rides as possible before we got too tired.
    Dinner was always at Tomorrowland.
    And we always got one souvinier to purchase, what ever we wanted, within budget that is.

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    Re: What were your "must-do" things at Disneyland when you went with your family?

    Growing up it was Peter Pan, submarines and autopia. I never liked roller coasters so we stayed off of those. I still don't think my dad's throat healed from the time they thought it would be a good idea to take me on Thunder Mountain and have me sit behind him.

    Treats were always a big lollipop.

    Now it is Small world as the first ride. That is the very first ride both of my sons went on when we took them there for their first visits. Followed by astro blasters, autopia and Fantasyland. I have to drag them on Pirates and to see the backside of water. Hey, I didn't drive all that way for nothing!

    We always have Rancho del Zocallo for our first dinner.

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    Re: What were your "must-do" things at Disneyland when you went with your family?

    The two rides I remember ALWAYS going on were Splash Mountain and Haunted Mansion.

    And it's tradition that every time we went to the Tiki Room, my parents remind me that when I was little, I peed my pants in there.

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