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    Re: from what disney released.. its going to be "limited all nighter"

    Quote Originally Posted by pineapplewhipaddict View Post
    And then I'm blocked out Saturday and Sunday. I'll be upgrading to Premium when I renew in July but I don't want to spend the extra money before then :/
    If you're valid on Friday then park hop on Friday but before midnight pick one park and stay in it. Whether park-hopping for APs will operate on a "calendar day" or "operational day" is anybody's guess. The main gate computers will probably say "no" to park hopping if your ticket is not valid on that calendar day, I suspect.

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    Re: from what disney released.. its going to be "limited all nighter"

    What they should do is give grad night participants unlimited fast passes that can be used during the grad night hours. Program the fast pass machines to give out fastpasses to the general public for the 24 hours minus the hours that could be reserved for grad party.

    Or limit the hourly fast pass distribution and allow grad night participants to line up in fast pass queue by using their wristband. This would allow regular guests to enjoy all attractions but still give grad night guests an enjoyable experience without the long queue waits due to the increased foot traffic

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    Re: from what disney released.. its going to be "limited all nighter"

    Just had a very cynical thought, and maybe others have already posted this question. I wonder if part of this decision to go with the 24th was based on the fact that a record number of high schools just didn't want to pay that much for Grad Night at DCA compared to Disneyland. If this is the first year of the switch and that particular weekend wasn't even close to filling up, maybe Disney was going to take a major hit by having the park open that night. If the park was already close to their total quota of high school kids, I can't imagine they would open it to outside guests. With the all nighters, they will now obviously take in a huge profit (based on leap day last year) instead of what might have been a huge loss. Just a thought...

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    Re: from what disney released.. its going to be "limited all nighter"

    Wow. So grads can't even get a whole park for Grad Nite anymore? That's pretty weak.

    Quote Originally Posted by pineapplewhipaddict View Post
    Just posted an article on Examiner here breaking down everything that is happening that weekend, plus some cautions and suggestions on how to deal.

    As a journalist, I'm really torn. I feel like I have to go to this 'monstrosity' to cover it but I went to 'One More Disney Day' last year and that was a horrible experience. I don't want people doing drugs in line behind me, I don't want to sit in gridlocked traffic, and I don't want to deal with an awful parking situation.
    I think you should go just to have an account of the experience. You can just observe, you don't have to ride anything.

    I say go to DCA when the Grad Nite stuff is happening but get there by at least 10:00 just to be on the safe side. You can always leave once it gets too crazy and you have your story.

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