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    Lion King in DLR

    How much Lion King is actually in Disneyland? I want to be able to get new baby Lion King things or see a character while we're there on our next trip. We did baby's nursery all in Lion King (with a doctor who poster over the crib) and I would much like to stay with Lion King (with a little added doctor who for baby.

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    Re: Lion King in DLR

    gosh, i would say barely anything....

    the only lion king thing i can think of is "It's a Small World"......they have Timon, Pumba, and Simba in the Africa section....

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    Re: Lion King in DLR

    Rafiki is sometimes out as a character to meet and greet. There are some Lion King plush toys in the Emporium, as well as some baby-appropriate things near the it's a small world exit.

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    Re: Lion King in DLR

    Isn't there a Lion King float in the parade also? Or am I confusing it with the old Lion King parade? lol.

    But yes, I do remember seeing some Lion King plushes at the stores (more specifically in the store at DTD). It was a while back though, so they might not hold any anymore :T

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    Re: Lion King in DLR

    There is a Lion King Float in the Mickey's Soundstation parade now it depins if he is working right or not. The last time I saw it Simba was there but in the pass he has been missing and they had Raifik in his place. Other then that there really isn't that much with Lion King at the parks.

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    Re: Lion King in DLR


    1. Simba, Pumbaa, Timon in "it's a small world"
    2. Lion King float with grown up Simba in Mickey's Soundsational Parade
    3. Merch probably in Adventureland Bazaar.

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    Re: Lion King in DLR

    Pretty much all of this and the lion king segment in the Animation Academy at DCA

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