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    June Showtimes - Disneyland website

    Hi everyone

    I'm finally going to Disneyland for the first time at the start of June

    When looking on Disneyland's website though it is not giving all the proper showtimes. For example between 1-6 June no FANTASMIC or Soundsational, Mickey's Magical Map etc are showing....though they are not shown to be down for refurbishment
    (website here: Daily Calendar | Disneyland Resort).

    Does anyone know if they shows are actually going to be performed at the start of June, and if so, what times??

    Thanks for your help....really really appreciate any info

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    Re: June Showtimes - Disneyland website

    Don't worry. June is so far out (to Disney, anyway) that not all times are finalized/published on the site. There is almost certainly a parade and night spectacular during June.

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    Re: June Showtimes - Disneyland website

    Disney does not have anything scheduled yet. They only just added the all nighter for May 24 as of this morning. They still have not added Mickey and the Magical Map for the 25. and if look at May 24 the only time that they have change of the park hours everything is still scheduled as if its just a regular Friday night. All events are only up through 11 o'clock and they did not even add in the closures of Mad T Party for Grad Nite
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    Re: June Showtimes - Disneyland website

    Based on past history, and the regular saturday schedule, Fantasmic should be performed at 9pm and 10:30 each night , with the possibillity of a rare 3rd showing depending on how busy it is.
    The fireworks should be at 9:30 per usual. Other than that, I don't really watch the other shows, so I'll update this if I find anything...

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    Re: June Showtimes - Disneyland website

    Entertainment should be daily and full in June.

    Parades run twice. 2 and 5 in DCA, 4 and 6:30 in DL.
    Fantasmic at 9 and 10:30
    Magical fireworks at 9:30
    World of Color at 9 and 10:15

    Mickey and the Magical Map will probably have a show every 45 to 75 minutes, starting between 10 and noon and going to 4 to 6.

    In a few weeks this should start showing up on the schedule.
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