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    Re: Fantasmic Premium Viewing- Worth it or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by RosevilleDisfan View Post
    If you have done the Premium viewing for Fantasmic, do you feel it was worth it.? I honestly don't care so much about the dessert tray, for me I am thinking of wether or not this will save me from having to sit for 2 hours on the ground to get a decent view. So let me know what you all think.
    No, it's not worth it.
    Waiting two hours is not worth it, either.
    I'd wait about 20 minutes, max. I usually skip it.
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    Re: Fantasmic Premium Viewing- Worth it or not?

    I would say it is not worth it. $60 for a reserved seat and a little desert tray is way too much. Like others have said, wait for the second show. Less crowded and less time having to wait for a good spot. Let the little one sleep in the stroller, he/she probably not going to remember anyway or sit still(Atleast my 2 year old doesnt). I did the reserved seating many times when it was at the gallery(and on the last day) and seeing the way it is now, imho doesnt make it seem special like it did at the gallery.

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