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    Club 33 Engagement

    My girlfriend of 5 years has been wanting to go to Club 33 for nearly a decade now and has never had the opportunity. I've been trying to think of the perfect way to propose to her for a while now and feel like if I could somehow make her dream come true, this would be the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately I have no clue how to begin getting in. I know a member has to invite you, but that's about all I know...

    Would love any info on making this a possibility!

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    Re: Club 33 Engagement

    Yes, it is difficult getting into Club 33. You are on the waiting list for years. If you can find someone that works in the park that would be cool.

    If you can't, try getting her to go on her favorite ride or restaurant in the park. Make it her day. Better yet, make it as a joke on the jungle cruise, make the skipper do something clever. Near club 33, in the streets of new orleans square, there is a little quad where there are stairs where some characters take pictures. If that is not being used, that is a nice private spot. Possibly a magical moment is in front of the castle at night or during fireworks.

    I have seen many people with a ring on their finger at the park (in my booth), because I see them when they leave on Main Street. It know Club 33 would be pretty cool, but as long as she loves you it does not matter where you propose to her.

    I hope I have sort of helped, I wish you could do your plan so easy
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    Re: Club 33 Engagement

    Thanks for your help!

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