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    Re: Has anyone sat in the smoking section to view Fantasmic?

    Quote Originally Posted by CaliforniaAdventurer View Post
    That's subjective, from my point of view they're all pretty tucked away in areas nonsmoking guests would not choose to congregate for any length of time. Exception: this smoking area, only during Fantasmic.

    Thats why if they moved the smoking area to the garden in front of the gates of the Mansion (before the railroad), during show times, I wouldn't be against it.
    That would probably affect the CMs working at the Mansion gates as well as anyone eating in the French Market area, though. Plus it's the path to the train station.

    I don't like smoking and I don't want it around me - and as a side note on "fake coughs," if I'm around smokers I DO cough. It's not fake. I'm asthmatic and allergic to smoke and I react to it, and I'm sorry if anyone finds that rude. It's not meant to be.

    Anyway, back to the issue: nobody can blame someone for smoking in their designated section. In terms of F!, if you are going into the smoking area there are plenty of signs telling you what the area is used you should not be surprised or annoyed to find smokers there.
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