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    Re: Rainy Days: What will be closed/open?

    Lightning is quite rare but can close more rides that are tall and you ride outdoors.

    Wind can cancel and less likely limit the fireworks. Wind closes California Zephyr and Silly symphony Swings.

    Rain can cancel parades and also closes Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.
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    Re: Rainy Days: What will be closed/open?

    Though rain may cancel a parade, a mini-replacement parade just for the rain will still show. Although not as extravagant as a real parade, seeing it at least once can be interesting!

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    Re: Rainy Days: What will be closed/open?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kukaelio'ono View Post
    except those disgusting 'potato product with meat flavor that left a nasty coasting on your tongue' mcdonalds fries a long time ago!

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    Re: Rainy Days: What will be closed/open?

    We went the week before Christmas in 2010. It was Christmas vacation, and it rained so hard, for so long, that crowds were super light. We were there for 3-4 days, and I don't think there was a break in the rain, except for a few minutes on and off the last day.

    There were no umbrellas, boots, rain gear of any sort available in the parks, DTD, or even at other stores in the area. We wore ponchos and made the best of it, but it wasn't the fun time that most people think of when there's a light sprinkle at DL.

    On the upside, we rode Splash over and over, because once you are drenched by rain, you can't get any wetter.

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    Re: Rainy Days: What will be closed/open?

    Monday was my first day in the park and it was pretty easy to walk around in both parks. I was able to do Cars Land in one day including riding RSR in a little under an hour. It just sucked that right when I got to the race part of the ride it started raining again.

    I didn't notice any closures except Goofy's Sky School. Even California Screamin' and the ferris wheel stayed open.
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