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    Trip Report April 23 - 26 (no pics yet)

    I know, I know...trip reports without pics are lame, but this is all I got for now.

    I took pics with my cell phone, and our friends got a photopass so they will share some with us but for now I only have 2 that I moved from my phone to my computer and so those will have to suffice.

    We left Tuesday morning April 26 and flew to Santa Ana. The plane ride was a little bumpy, but nice weather the whole way so we had a good view from our window seat. The flight left at 8 am, was delayed due to a/c problems and left a little before 9 am. We got to the airport as a group of 6 (myself, bf, our two friends and their kids, 17 and 6) and the six of us got a shuttle to Carousel Inn, arriving a little after noon.

    We got in and checked in but our rooms weren't ready yet, so we checked our bags and went next door to Millie's for something to eat then off to the parks!

    We hit Adventureland first, doing Pirates and Haunted Mansion, got FPs for Indy, did the Jungle Cruise, got on Indiana Jones, the girls got Dole Whip floats while the guys grabbed FPs for Splash Mountain. We hit Frontierland and did the Matterhorn and the Teacups, then to Splash Mountain to use the Fast Passes. The six year old was excited to do EVERYTHING and ended doing every ride in both parks that was open, fearlessly.

    We then split up a little, Darren and I went back to Fantasyland to ride the other track of the Matterhorn and rode Star Tours and then I drug him onto It's a Small World. I don't like that ride, and wouldn't let him ride it last year, so I decided he should go on it and decide for himself. He disliked it as much as I do, so neither of us ever have to do that again. (For the record, I like the dolls, kind of, but the song makes me want to stab myself in the ear with a fork by the time we're halfway through).

    We then met our friends and went to DCA. Darren, his friend and their two kids went on Tower of Terror. The line was super-long and I didn't want to wait but someone offered us 4 fastpasses that they weren't going to use. Marcy and I decided to go another time and let them use the fastpasses, so we went and got her a snack while they rode. We then left the park as it was almost 10 pm by now and got some food at IHOP before heading back to the hotel and crashing.

    Wednesday morning we got up and headed to DCA for rope drop. We got in line for RSR FPs (had to do a little convincing on that one as the friends we were with thought the line for FPS was too long and wanted to skip it, but the people in line ahead of us convinced him it moved quick.) Got our FPs for 2:30 - 3:30 and then went to Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. I do have a pic of Darren and I in line for this one:
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    Not sure why the photo will only load really small....

    Anyway, we then went to the Pier, rode California Screamin' a few times then split up. Darren and I did the Swings, Golden Zephyr, Grizzly River Run, Soarin', then met back up with our friends and used our FPs for RSR, which was really fun but not sure I'd wait in line for 75 min. to do it.

    They had a princess dinner to go to, so we walked around, got a FP for Tower of Terror, did some rides on the Pier, walked through Cars Land and went on Luigi's, then got our picnic lunch for WoC. We used our FP for ToT then hightailed it back to the water to watch WoC. It was neat, but again, not worth lining up ridiculously early, sitting on the concrete then standing in one place for so long. We did get a good spot right along the railing and had an unobstructed view but it wasn't something I'd watch more than once, I don't think.

    At that point it was almost 10 pm and the park was closed so we headed back to our hotel.

    Thursday we got into Disneyland early for MM and headed straight onto Star Tours. We went there as soon as the rope dropped so we were able to get on with no wait. It was fun for the people we were with who had never been before but also fun for Darren as I, since at this point we had gone on that ride 7 or 8 times and this was the first time we went on it with something other than the pod race sequence in the middle. I mean, I like the pod racing but not EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. So it was nice to have a change.

    We then did Matterhorn a few times and then separated so they could get princess autographs. We did Pirate's again and took rafts to Tom Sawyer's Island and explored a little, then went to HM and then to Blue Bayou for lunch. I finally got the Monte Cristo. I can die happy now. It was so good, but huge, so I took the rest with me and drizzled the dipping sauce over it.

    Before heading to Adventureland, we got some coffee and rode a horse drawn carriage down main street. When we got off, look who we ran into!

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    When we left he blew me a kiss. Pretty sure he wanted me.

    We went on Pirate's again and I think Indiana Jones, then went to tomorrowland and did Star Tours and Innoventions. Neither of us was impressed with Innoventions. Most of the computer stuff in there didn't work and the Iron Man display was neat but we didn't do the virtual suit as we aren't huge Iron Man fans and didn't want to wait. We were both kinda bummed about SM being closed. We watched the Jedi training academy and then met back up with our friends and watched the parade then went to DCA.

    California Screamin' at night was really fun, with all the lights from Mickey's fun wheel and the other rides on the pier, and then at the end when it goes through the dips we saw Cars Land ahead of us all lit up and a full moon right above it. I would have loved to get a pic of that but it's kind of hard to take pictures on that ride.

    Friday I slept in and went to DCA about 11. Met Darren, then our friends, went on California Screamin' then Grizzly River Run. That time was hilarious because a wall of water taller than Darren came into the raft in slow motion and totally drenched him. It looked like the water was trying to eat him. Fortunately it was a hot day and he was wearing quick drying shorts and a shirt and didn't mind taking a second shower that morning.

    Then we all went to Soarin' since Darren and I had gone but our friends hadn't. After that we split up so Darren and I could go back to Disneyland. We did Pirates one more time, and Matterhorn, but it was crowded and we were both tired so we rode the train to Main St. and looked at the gallery then went back to the hotel for a nap.

    Met back with friends at DCA and looked in the shops, then back to the hotel to watch fireworks. We were able to watch then from the breakfast room on the fifth floor and were the only people there until halfway through when a group from Australia came in and watched some of it with us. It was a great way to end our Disneyland trip.

    Overall we had fun, but it felt like it went too quick and we didn't do as much as we normally do. I think trying to coordinate schedules with another family wasted a lot of time, especially since their priority was princess autographs which ate up a lot of their days.

    I was sad to leave Saturday, but can't wait to go again, hopefully Space Mountain will be up and running again. I'm thinking maybe a longer trip that inlcudes Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios may be in the cards for next fall.

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    Re: Trip Report April 23 - 26 (no pics yet)

    Great trip report.
    For the love of Disney....

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    Re: Trip Report April 23 - 26 (no pics yet)

    Yeah, it's always hard to coordinate what to do when other people have different priorities from your own. But at least you had fun right? Anyways, can't wait to see the pictures!

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    Re: Trip Report April 23 - 26 (no pics yet)

    Thanks for the TR. Don't worry about no pix!

    It is pretty hard traveling with a larger group. You're right that the goal being different was the bummer. When we went two years ago with 7 total including extended family they kept stopping for food every 15 feet, then someone had to go to the bathroom ever 15 minutes. Can't everyone eat and drink at the same time?! It ended up being a good trip for us though because I ran around getting fast passes for everyone which kind of kept us focused on getting on a lot of rides. They kept saying we've never been on this one, it was neat. Yeah, what did you do on your past trips? Walk around eating and then going to the bathroom?! LOL

    Glad you had fun despite the delays. I hope your next trip is even better. We keep hoping to get to Knott's. Maybe our next trip. SM should be in Ghost getup and we won't be going on that. So I might like a few more adult rides. Plus, who knows what will be shut down in the fall when we get there? We will be at DLR for 7 full days!!! We have AP. Ended up cheaper than buying 3 day passes each year this way since we seem to end up going every year anyway and we get more days!!! We also squeezed in a trip in Jan. Kind of wish I hadn't done that though. Our first day will be a Monday, which are usually busier at DLR so I might talk my partner into going to Knott's that day. OTOH we're trying to stick to a lower budget than usual and Knott's will add $60 to that. We'll see. Plus, I love DLR and I might just be too excited at that point to give up a day there.

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    Re: Trip Report April 23 - 26 (no pics yet)

    Cool TR, Kirsten!!

    Your narrative is every bit as good as pics., it brings back a ton of fond memories.

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    Re: Trip Report April 23 - 26 (no pics yet)

    It sounds like you did quite a bit! Glad you had fun. I think it would be pretty hard to go with a group. I did it once, but my friends had all never been so I was the appointed decision maker. Made things easy on me.

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