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    Re: Just finished my Disney trip but i want to go on another one and i need help?

    Hey, I feel for you, I grew up a social outcast also and from the age of 8-11 Disneyland was my 60s where Dick and Jane lived and no one made fun of my boots or clothing!!!! I could live free from the real world. In 1969 we left laferney road and I never returned to Disneyland until 32 years later!!! The cascades became my equalizer and coping style and with my new family I made it back to Disneyland many times now. But it was a long wait, and sometimes that is what it takes until the time provides for itself... like right now fox tv is offering free drawings for disneyland trips. So search for those free offers at stores, online, tv, newspapers, go forth and seek!!!

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    Re: Just finished my Disney trip but i want to go on another one and i need help?

    We flew from Seattle. For plane tix, 4 nights in hotel right across the street and a 4-day park hopper ticket it was only $700 pp. I imagine you'd have to tack on a round-trip flight from Alberta on to that so maybe an extra $300 or so but I'd imagine still no more than $1,000 plus whatever you spend on food and trinkets- we each spent less than $100 each per day. Check alaska airlines and meet with a travel agent to find good deals.

    As for checking in to a hotel, I used my Mastercard debit card and had no problems.

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    Re: Just finished my Disney trip but i want to go on another one and i need help?

    I say start saving now and watch the site here because a lot can happen in a few years. Keep an eye on what's going on in the park are looking to come when the weather is good, no crowds, new stuff opens, ect. Also any and all ticket, food, and hotel rates will change between now and your next visit. When your birthday approaches look at taking a serious vacation or even moving here. Also keep an eye on the value of Canadian dollar vs. the US $ because the rate is going to change and the Canadian dollar wont be accepted anywhere on the resort.
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