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    Question Fantasmic's 21st Birthday! So what would you change?

    The MiceChat team over at Google+ would like to say Happy 21st Birthday to Fantasmic. We posed this question on the G+ page so we'd like to pose it here as well...

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    As the show has now become an adult, what do you feel should happen to the show? A full story change, implementation of World of Color tech, a full shutdown of the show in lieu of something new or leave it as is?

    Please post below as well as join the Google+ page which is updated daily with all the latest articles from MiceChat as well various pictures and videos from the parks!

    MiceChat's Google+ Page:
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    Re: Fantasmic's 21st Birthday!

    Yay!! Fantasmic! is legal now and can drink!
    I Get In. I Get Out. I Never Get Noticed!
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    Re: Fantasmic's 21st Birthday!

    Just a few weeks younger than me... We're both Tauruses haha.

    It's been a great twenty-one years.
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    Re: Fantasmic's 21st Birthday!

    I saw Fantasmic on Friday night. Still love it.
    Merrily on our way to nowhere at all.

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    Re: Fantasmic's 21st Birthday!

    I think I'm going to buy Fantasmic a beer this summer.

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    Re: Fantasmic's 21st Birthday!

    i think it's amazing that it's just turned 21 and is still a cutting-edge show... amazing. leave it the way it is... fantastic and magical!

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