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Thread: Booked trip.

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    Booked trip.

    I am so excited. My family Vacation is booked. Hotel booked, Tickets to Disneyland and California done, Tickets to Whale watching done, Tickets to the museums in Hollywood done, Booked reservations for Goofy's kitchen for character breakfast done, booked reservations for the Blue Bayou done. and Tickets for the USS Midway done. Wow. This is gonna be a great vacation. Now June 6th needs to get here fast. It's been 2 years since we've gone on vacation and Disneyland. This will be my grandsons first time, He is 1 yrs old. It will be my hubby, myself, my daughter who's 24, her son who is 1, my other daughter who is 12, and my son who is 21. We all can't wait. Please let the next three weeks go fast. Disneyland HERE WE COME.

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    Re: Booked trip.

    yay! i love the feeling of a 'freshly' booked trip! ours is still a year away... but since it's the whole family going, we need that year to save money... it's gonna be an expensive one!

    hope your upcoming trip is magical!

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