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I have only the fondest memories of that location. I worked there when it was Casa Mexicana from 1986 till the 1998 closing. I seem to remember I started shortly after Fritos ended their sponsorship. We used to have Fritos available for purchase. I always remember being sponsored by Lawry's. Of course it was a job and a physically demanding one but I made some life time friends there. The job aslo got me through college and bridged the time from graduation until I was able to get a full-time teaching job. The most important thing that happened was in 1987 while at the break table in the alley way between Casa and Carnation(the current location would be about the women's bathroom next to Zocolo). I met my wife to be on a break, she also worked at the location. We have been very happily married since 1993. A quick warning for everyone about the drinking water at Rancho. We always joked that it helped many cast members with their fertility; at least that's the way it seemed. So when we were trying to have children we stopped by the water fountain and had a couple of glasses. Shortly after my wife became pregnant...with twins! We should have known and now you all have been warned. Thank you Casa Mexicana for the three beautiful women in my life.
Awww that is so sweet.

I have a quick question about the Casa de Fritos years, the food was good yes? Not a bag of Fritos with chili on it? Ick!