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    AP Blackout tickets

    I am a Disneyland annual passholder, I have the premium pass. My friend, who is also a passholder but not the premium pass, told me on a recent trip to Disneyland she managed to buy blackout tickets for her and her family even though her family does not have an annual pass. Is this really possible? It would save so much money when I go with my family.

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    Re: AP Blackout tickets

    It's not possible. When you bring a blackout day pass to the entrance, you have to show them your annual pass and the blackout day pass to get into the park.

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    Re: AP Blackout tickets

    The block out tickets are for the Pass holder only. And to get in you have to show your pass and your block out ticket for that day. It has been a few years since we used a block out ticket and they have gotten stricter with entry.
    If this was done it would be a violation of the rules and it could get that pass holders pass suspended for a year. So the short version is don't try it.

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