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    Re: Candlelight 2013 Returns to Normal

    Quote Originally Posted by CassiefRN View Post
    Unless that was part of the party. I'm thinking with the news of it just being two nights then we won't see a ticketed party this year.
    I wouldn't bet on it. I'm guessing that since they are going back to one weekend, and that it the first weekend of the month it would leave the rest of December open for hard ticket extra Christmas parties. Al already eluded to the possibility in his last update.

    The third reason behind the new World of Color show is to soften the blow when the inevitable private parties begin at Disneyland during the Christmas season. We’ve explained in previous updates how the full-service Christmas offerings at Disneyland were in the crosshairs of the One Disney team based out of Orlando who want Disneyland to move to a private-party concept like that used at Disney World. Disneyland’s parties will force the Christmas Fantasy Parade and Believe In Holiday Magic fireworks and snow shows to move to an extra-cost ticketed event, much like the HalloweenTime parties in October are now the only way to see the Halloween Screams fireworks and the Halloween parade.

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    Re: Candlelight 2013 Returns to Normal

    Thank you so much!! We are thrilled!! We go for a few days every Christmas season and although I'm sure the Candlelight Procession is lovely it was an absolute nightmare for those of us who want to enjoy Christmas decorated Main Street. What I didn't understand is why 2 times per night, every night except Fridays? Maybe once per late night 2-3 times per week would have worked. In any event, we can now plan our vacation without worrying about it, again, thank you for the great news

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