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    New stroller procedure at gate?

    I frequently go to the park alone with my two daughters (both under 2) in my stroller. It has long time been the process that you stay in one of the two lines until you reach the front and you don't go to the center stroller gate until you hand the cm your ticket.
    Now they have a third cm standing out front telling people with strollers to queue in the center. Basically removing me from the line, placing me in purgatory and telling the people behind me to go around me. This process only works if you have another party who remains in the line as your placeholder. When I get my stroller up to the gate I am standing a good 6 feet from the scanner and the cm has a whole line of people at the turnstile and the cm always takes from their respective line. So now I have to "speak up" at the risk of sounding like a rude entitled AP by shouting "excuse me, I'm next" at the scanning cm. I have zero line placement and it results in either me feeling like I cut or I got cut.
    So I'm hoping this is still a new process that will get refined until they go back to the old method. Has anyone else encountered this new staffed cm position of stroller director?

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    Re: New stroller procedure at gate?

    I haven't experienced it but I think you need to let DL know your experience so they can fix that.

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    Re: New stroller procedure at gate?

    I noticed people with strollers getting pushed aside so people could enter first in front of them, but I also noticed some CM's putting people with strollers through before people who go through the regular turnstyle.

    I think it depends on which CM's are operating the line you get in.
    Merrily on our way to nowhere at all.

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    Re: New stroller procedure at gate?

    I've been using a walker since my surgery and similarly have been funneled to the middle, but only after the ticket checker. The problem from me is that the actual ticket taker usually takes a few parties before noticing me and scanning me in, bumping me back several people. Usually it's still quicker than the handicap enterance, which, in my experience, is basically a stroller enterance! Sure, there are some super wide double strollers that don't fit, but most of them are single strollers who are just using it to bypass the other lines.

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