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    Alternate RSR Soundtracks

    What if Radiator Springs Racers had different soundtracks? I made this video from the racing portion of the Cars films, including the following:

    1. Doc Racing: This is the original source audio from the movie that is used in the ride. Seems to fit nicely still.

    2. The Big Race: This score from "Cars" is very thrilling and exciting. While the edits are a little choppy, it's still a lot of fun.

    3. Radiator Springs Gran Prix: Even though "Cars 2" was the Pixar film no one wanted, I admit the music is awesome to listen to. This bit from the end almost fits AMAZINGLY well. Even though it seems to end a little before the finish line, it is still great.

    4. The TurboMater: My god, this is the ultimate sync. Not one thing edited, not one piece touched, and it fits like a glove...or tire...whatever. Anyways, this fast-paced score is something that I really love to hear, especially on the last downhill before the U-turn being in sync with the guitar riff.

    Here it is!

    Alternate Radiator Springs Racers Soundtracks - YouTube

    Stopping in the middle is

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    Re: Alternate RSR Soundtracks

    If they were going to change the soundtrack, I would vote for 409 or Shut Down from the Beach Boys or Deadman's Curve from Jan and Dean.
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    Re: Alternate RSR Soundtracks

    I'm not really a fan of any of the music used in RSR, especially in the queue, so anything would be a nice change.
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