I am starting up a cooking YouTube web series and the first webisode I am going to be doing will be on the Tuna-Burger recipe from the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant that use to be in Fantasyland.

I have the recipe from the 1960's children's placemat that I posted awhile back but recently read the burger was served with chips and you choice of drink, including Root Beer.

I was wondering if anyone knows what types of chips (brand) may have been used or if they were home-made. Something I never knew when I was doing my research was the first Dorito's were actually created at the Casa de Fritos in Disneyland before they were ever sold to the public beyond Disney.

Also in the 1960's I believe that both Coke and Pepsi had sponsorships in the parks. As far as I know Coke never had a Root Beer brand, so maybe MUG root beer which is a property of Pepsi was the root beer used in the parks at the time?

Anyway if anyone has any memories eating at the Pirate Ship Restaurant from the chips, drinks, cost of items, even how they served the meal (wrapped in wax....) I would be very grateful.

Thanks so much for all of your help.