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Fun CM Story time; It sits right across from the Lead office. An old friend used to work Trains. He used to love that machine. It sounded great, and it annoyed the Lead team. Usually he'd put in a couple dimes right before he'd catch a train. The machine always made a ton of noise and the Lead would always come running out knowing it was him.

Anyhow he got stuck with station duty and was putting a few dimes in to pass the time. The Lead, knowing it was him, unplugged the machine. So my friend got smart about it. He plugged it in before his break. On his break he got a roll of Dimes (that's 50 dimes for anyone not old enough to remember). When he came back he handed a dime to any kid coming through the turnstyle and directed them to the machine! He said it was the best $5 he'd ever spent!
Hah! That's a great story, Tech. I hope it is indeed all bright and shiny and operates smoothly now, so will get more attention - thanks to all for the photos and videos!