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    Special Menus for 24 Hour Madness!

    Last year when Disneyland stayed open for 24 hours, one of the biggest issues was that they ran out of food. This year, they created special menus for the event. If you went, what did you eat that they don't usually have?

    Here's what I ate....
    1) Macaroni and Cheese Flatbread at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta- It was good, nothing amazing, but good.

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    2) Asparagus and Mushroom Frittata at Cafe Orleans- It was really salty and the portion was tiny. It was about the size of a hockey puck! They messed up on my friend's order, so we got a bonus sausage. The Cafe Orleans menu was only offered from 11:00PM to 3:30AM. They wouldn't take names or seat anyone waiting for the special menu until 11PM. There were quite a few groups just waiting.

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    3) Fried Chicken & Waffles at Plaza Inn- This is something I've wanted them to do for ages! They served 3 little Mickey Waffles and 3 pieces of fried was delicious! I ended up eating this at 2:45AM because I was told they would stop serving at 3AM.

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    So, what did you eat?
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    Re: Special Menus for 24 Hour Madness!

    all that made me hungry. I would have loved to try the mac and cheese!

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    Re: Special Menus for 24 Hour Madness!

    ​Cool! I was at the Leap Day event and yeah, they ran out of the thing I wanted. Glad this time it went better!
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    Re: Special Menus for 24 Hour Madness!

    Did anyone try the brownie skewer that I read was at the Bengal Barbecue? That sounded so too bizarre not to try.
    Chicken and Waffles looked good in the pic.

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