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    I survived, My 24 hour story

    I survived on Friday and it was amazing!!!! for everyone who is wondering and asking how the " madness" was I will go ahead and let you know that it was mildly crowded until 11 PM after gradnight began at California Adventure the crowd level at Disneyland dropped dramatically and lines were down really low except for space mountain(70 minutes) and Indiana Jones(90 minutes) everything else had pretty low wait times around midnight. I was on main street around 1 nam and i have never seen it so deserted in my life!!!!!!! as the night began to drag on wait times went down lower and lower. We ended up going on space mountain at 5 with a 15 minute wait time and Indiana Jones at 5:20 with a 10 minute wait time. by the time we made it back to main street at 5:55 we were there along with everyone else who made it until closing and everyone was passed out in the middle of the street and sidewalks. Sully and Mike closed the day off with an announcement over the PA and afterward everyone cheered because we all knew we made it!!!!! The night was nothing short of amazing and was definitely one of the best times I've ever had at Disneyland. Im so glad to say I went and im even happier at how plesently empty it was compared to my expectations. Who else was there? how was it for you? Did you have a good time? care to give me a story from the day?

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    Re: I survived, My 24 hour story

    I was there, and post my story on its own thread.
    24 Hour Event Phototimeline
    Check out my work on

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