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    Re: New Mark VII Monorail confirmed

    Fully-automated driver isn't going to happen. For that, you need some kind of evacuation platform the length of the track. Since they're planning to reuse the same beamway, that's out of the question.

    Both things wouldn't be a bad idea, though. Driverless trains are neat and Disney's evacuation plan on the trains is laughable if they haven't changed since the old WDW Monorail FAQ that was originally posted over a decade ago. I can't see how they could have changed. I guess Disney likes the vulnerable feeling you get from travelling in the sky without the steel platform bolted on the roadway just outside the door, but I wouldn't want to be a wheelchair-bound Guest in a fire.

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    Re: New Mark VII Monorail confirmed

    Quote Originally Posted by Naboomboo
    Maybe the driver is in the other end of the train?!? also looking closler is that Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris? Will New Monorail design get to all the parks? Does the monorail go by the Manor?!? Very strange to me! Hmm?!?
    Hightly unlikely it will get to the other parks. The tokyo trains are way bigger due to japanes monorail standards and disney world's first design was the mark IV which was the first with the lear jet styling so what they do in the future is up to them. No the monorail doens't go by the manor at all(it's not even visible from the mansion in WDW or disneyland, never been to tokyo so wouldn't know)

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    Re: New Mark VII Monorail confirmed

    This thing looks pretty cool! Can't wait!
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