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    Disney Photo Pass job

    Hey everyone, just had a few quick questions. I was looking into possibly applying for a Disney photo pass job position because I really love photography. The only thing is that some of the photo pass CM's just stand in one spot taking pictures of guests with characters, in front of the castle/background, etc. I heard that there are some roaming photographers, can anyone give me more info on that? How does that work? It would be great if any CM can answer my questions. Thanks.

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    Re: Disney Photo Pass job

    The "roaming photographers" you mentioned are either working a "rover" shift, or are specially rover-trained. Roving means you are not stuck shooting one particular subject and you have more freedom in terms of what and where you can shoot. There are some rover shifts that any photographer can do, regardless of whether they are rover-trained or not, such as Cars Land or Fantasy Faire. For example, if you are scheduled to work as Cars Land rover, you can basically wander Cars Land and take photos of guests in a variety of spots. You don't have to be specially trained for locations such as those.

    There are some rover-trained photographers who do roam all areas of the park as they please, but getting trained for that kind of thing typically occurs after you've been working for a while.

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    Re: Disney Photo Pass job

    Disney recently did a "Every Role Is A Staring Role" video on the Photo Pass Photographer:

    Every Role a Starring Role - Disney PhotoPass Photographer at the Disneyland Resort - YouTube
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