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    Re: AP Problem Caused Complications & Eventually Led to a Tense & Sour Evening w/ Fri

    A few things on this. I've renewed my pass every time for the past 7-8 years online and never have had any problems. The only issue I had was a few years ago when I renewed it on a Saturday and went to the park on a Monday and they asked me if I had renewed my pass recently and I told them I had. They explained that as soon as you renew your pass your current pass becomes null and void. If I read this correctly, the day the received his/her pass, they upgraded it, thus nullifying the renewed pass. Now if the original poster used a temporary pass that was issued on the first day he/she went to the park and had the issue I find that interesting. I would think that pass would be limited to one day only. Forgive me if he/she got a new pass the second time around.

    I do also understand the frustration, but as someone posted, people are going to make mistakes and sometimes we hold people to a ridiculously high standard. Here's the thing, I can tell by the posts who in the posts is possibly in a service oriented job based on answers. I work in a service oriented job (web design) and an IT department. Sometimes those simple things you want to do and know should be done, will get shoved to the back of the line because you are having more critical issues. I realize it's not what people want to hear, but it's true, and sometimes those get forgotten.

    The best advice I can give to anyone who renews a pass, is to renew it and don't even think about going until you receive your new one and use the new one only. Now the question is has the pass issue been the resolved? The thing I liked about this post was your attitude, you get the fact that things happen and you also get the fact that your attitude affects others around you, so big kudos to you for keeping your cool, etc.

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    Re: AP Problem Caused Complications & Eventually Led to a Tense & Sour Evening w/ Fri

    Quote Originally Posted by spacyglitz1 View Post
    How unfortunate you had a negative experience after upgrading I had a similar event happen when i renewed my pass two weeks ago. It would help greatly if they added a "will call" option and you could pick up your pass at the park instead of waiting for it in the mail.

    some of us just cant wait to get our pass in the mail before having a disney trip
    Hah exactly! That's why I'm glad your on the same wavelength about a will call option. It's amazing to me how that doesn't exist and like another micechatter said and they think we're confidant about the 'next gen' system that's on the way? Next generation of headaches more like it.

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