This is a Top 10 like the one David letterman has on the Late show first one is as follows.

Disneyland Top 10 "2013 guest thoughts to Disneyland price Hikes "are as follows

#10. Is Scrooge Mc Duck Now running Disneyland

#9. Are Disney Shareholders know the meaning of greed

#8. Is Michael Eisner back working at disneyland

#7. Are you trying to keep the inner city locals out of the parks

#6. Are Cast Members finally getting benefits

#5. Does this mean another park will be built outside the US

#4. Is the park gonna have a new slogan " the most expensive but happiest place on earth!

#3. You've just priced me out I guess Las Vegas , Knotts, and Lego Land here I come

#2. "Mickey Mouse we have a problem"

and the # 1 reason for price hikes concern
is " Can I get a payment plan for a single day of visiting disneyland"

"this belongs in the litter box but I just had to bent out somehow"