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    Best day to go this month

    Me and my girlfriend could only afford single day park hopper tickets for our anniversary, we want to really make a day out of it and were told a Wednesday would be the best day to go to avoid the crowds. Sadly due to a few appointments I need to keep with my doctor Wednesdays are out of the question. So for next week what is the best day to avoid the crowds?

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    Re: Best day to go this month

    Tuesdays. But everyday is always busy. But Tuesdays because kids are in school. But that dosent mean you won't see kids. The lines won't be as long, but space mountain and all the big rides will have long waits

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    Re: Best day to go this month

    Tuesdays are defiantly the best if you can't make Wednesday. Those are the two days I go if I feel the need to sneak up there from San Diego after work to get my Disney fix in . I hope you and your gf have an awesome anniversary!

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