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    Disney Ticket Price?

    I bought a friend a DL Park Hopper ticket on Friday for a friend who I have long promised to take for about 3 years, and I finally bought one. Confusing part? It was a $125 ticket from Albertsons, not the actual "source" from the park. Now with the price increase, it makes it confusing. It is still valid until December 2013, but will I be charged extra because of price increase? I mean I know I just pay a few extra bucks, but I'm still curious.
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    Re: Disney Ticket Price?

    You should be fine. As long as the ticket is not expired, DL should honor the old price.

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    Re: Disney Ticket Price?

    You will not be charged extra. This is the reason that Disney doesn't give much advance notice before a price hike: they don't want people stockpiling tickets under the older, cheaper prices.

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    Re: Disney Ticket Price?

    You will be able to use the ticket up until the expiration date. Disneyland will not make you pay extra.

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