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    Re: Random Reactions:

    Quote Originally Posted by jcruise86 View Post
    Judging from posts on this thread, there's a bit of excitement over the growing presence of Harry Potter in Universal's American parks.

    I'm surprised the horrible Disney studios park next to Disneyland Paris is attracting as many people as it has been. This park needs a DCA makeover times two.

    Raging Waters in San Dimas is in bad shape. It could use a new owner and three water coaster rides. I bet a really great, new, world-class water park in California could be #1. Help us, Schlitterbahn! You're our only hope! Well, Disney could top Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach with a Disneyland Resort water park with enough indoor rides to make it open year round, but, nah, better to spend that money on MagicBands.

    Yay, free museums!

    Vatican: "Blessed are the poor, unless you want to visit our museum. Then pay or feel a little uncomfortable. Hey, it's on you if you feel uncomfortable not making a donation."
    (I spent five years teaching at Catholic schools earning less than my public school counterparts. I'm entitled to kid the church. )

    The western, midwestern, and southern American states have no museums in the international top 20. Stay classy, California.

    The improvements in DCA will c o
    n t i n u e to cause attendance increases in 2013, 2014 and beyond. Or at least increase revenue if Disney's price increases continue to outpace inflation. (In recent years--like since the mid 80s--Disneyland Resort prices increased substantially more than inflation and American income levels. It's weird that this annual report doesn't get into revenues, but that would be like sports sections covering revenues. Not what we fans want.) A great development like WWoHP or Carsland can continue to increase attendance via word of mouth since some parents don't want their kids to feel left out of an awesome experience. I'm basing this on Universal Orlando, which might be a flawed comparison since after they opened the WWoHP, UO has kept improving dramatically. The Disneyland Resort might do this, but might not.

    A large theme park with free or low admission (pay for the rides inside the park) in a large city in China or India could shoot to number one without being very impressive.

    How lazy & greedy does Disney World have to be to start losing guests?
    Stay tuned.

    MagicBands will be a real game changer! Everyone is thrilled by this exciting, incoming technology.

    Where did you teach? My son is about to graduate from St Maria Goretti school in Long Beach and he's starting high school at St John Bosco this August. Might you be familiar?

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    Re: 2012 Theme Park Attendance Numbers have Been Released

    Quote Originally Posted by PeoplemoverMatt View Post
    The fact that no Six Flags park can make the list isn't really good for that bunch.
    You do realize that most Six Flags parks are only open about 60% of the year while nearly every park on the global list operates year round, right?

    I think everyone assumes that everyone wants to top Disney. Quite frankly, most parks are very happy with their numbers and massive growth is impractical, improbably, and even at times impossible. There is not a single Six Flags park that has the capacity of any of the Disney World parks and they aren't even open the entire year.

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    Re: 2012 Theme Park Attendance Numbers have Been Released

    With the numbers DCA recieved for just 6 months of the year having the expansion open, it will easily surpass IOA in attendance this year. Even with somewhat of a dropoff from the initial 3 month onslought after Carsland opening. Also, USO will have a huge bump next year when the Potter expansion opens, as well as this year from Transformers. I hink it will eat into IOAs attendance just a little as well.
    I think with another good year for DCA and the positive word of mouth, DCAs attendance will continue to grow, but slowly. Then, when another future investment is put into DCA, such as Monstropolis and the hanging door coaster for example, I think its definitely possible for DCA to top off around 9.5-10 million. That would be unbelievable for the resort.
    Another positive sign is that DL fell only 1.1%. The reason thats positive news is that the local AP attendance bite that DCA took out of DL was probably closer to 10%, meaning that big spending tourists made up probably between 8-10%. Thats exactly the type of visitor Disney has been desperate to increase in numbers for DLR. Thats has to bode well for future resort expansion.
    Now, they have to be serious about a major expansion considering the 15% increase in attendance USH recieved from just Transformers. Can you imagine what Potter is going to do. I think its going to have a larger impact on the theme park industry than the Potter land at IOA. I realy hope they start strongly considering the Star Wars land behind TL.

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    Re: Random Reactions:

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyIPresume View Post
    Where did you teach? My son is about to graduate from St Maria Goretti school in Long Beach and he's starting high school at St John Bosco this August. Might you be familiar?
    I taught at Louisville High School in Woodland Hills and at Alemany in Mission Hills.

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