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True. I think most those are all painted as opposed to covered in 'real fake' fur, right? I'm trying to picture them. I'm pretty sure the ones on ROA are all painted either plaster or some such material. And the 'furry' ones on the Jungle Cruise are under some type of 'shelter' like a cave or the hut where the apes are, plus there's such thick foliage. GRR is so out in the open, not a lot of sheltered areas. I guess they could retro-fit things to keep the elements off the AAs.
Some of them are painted. Some - the bear "scratching" on the tree comes to mind here specifically - I'm pretty sure are real "fake" fur of some sort. Also, I'm pretty sure the deco on the "Indian Camp" storyteller figure is fur as well.

There are also outdoor Animatronics on Splash - the group right before the finale steamboat scene are entirely exposed. I would hazard a guess that the ones present on Submarine Voyage count as "outdoor", or at least would have had to be designed for total immersion, which would likely top a basic outdoor standard.