View Poll Results: Will every significant attraction be associated with a film and if so when?

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  • No, there will always be original rides.

    16 30.77%
  • No, there will always be originals left, but they will be rare.

    26 50.00%
  • Yes, by the end of this decade.

    3 5.77%
  • Yes, by 2030.

    1 1.92%
  • Yes, by 2050.

    1 1.92%
  • Yes, but I'm not sure when.

    5 9.62%
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    Re: Will Every Attraction Eventually Be Connected with a Film?

    The Jungle Cruise is based on two movies, one being African Queen and the other being True Life Adventure. Of course since there is no movie called "The Jungle Cruise" most people don't even think about the comparison.

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    Re: Will Every Attraction Eventually Be Connected with a Film?

    I think we will continue to see some of the more major attractions that aren't based on existing film properties inspire new films. However, I don't think every single attraction will be based on a film; just the more major ones eventually. It's pretty unlikely there will be an Astro Orbiter film, or a film about the Mark Twain.

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    Re: Will Every Attraction Eventually Be Connected with a Film?

    Ironically, I think the planned movie called Magic Kingdom (about the entire park coming alive when the park is closed, kind of like Toy Story) actually has the most creative possibilities. I would actually like to see this film made. I think the idea has merit and great potential.

    Think of it...eventually there might be a ride about the movie, which is about rides that have movies.

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    Re: Will Every Attraction Eventually Be Connected with a Film?

    I don't mind if things are based off of movies or attractions and vice versa. I take exception when things aren't well executed, and execution at the highest level has been Disney's calling card. With that being said, with Frontierland I would like to see possibly "The Lone Ranger" stunt show. I mean WDW has Indiana Jones which I loved. Why doesn't Disneyland have something like that.

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    Re: Will Every Attraction Eventually Be Connected with a Film?

    Quote Originally Posted by toonaspie View Post
    ^ The Matterhorn is actually based on an unknown 1959 Disney film: Third Man on the Mountain. Since the film has pretty much evaporated into obscurity 99% of the people who go to Disneyland would never be aware of this. However there are rumors of a new Matterhorn movie.
    That movie is fantastic, though.

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