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Thread: The New Bayou

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    Re: The New Bayou

    I recalled BB being meh at best, but it blew Carthay away last time I was there, and for much less. I'd say they are doing things right.

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    Re: The New Bayou

    I've been to the Blue Bayou twice.

    The first time I had this excellent char grilled New York,covered with a layer of spice. Absolutely excellent.

    The second time, I saw that the New York was gone, and ordered a Sirloin in the same price range. It was obviously griddle fried, and came with no seasoning what so ever. Was it alright? Yeah. Would I have rather had the similar cooked cheeseburgers from the Stage Door Cafe? Probably so.

    Change happens though. It's been a while since I've been in there, the menu choices are probably slightly different now. I'll probably head in there on the next trip.

    I still wish I could enjoy a nice Captain and Coke while sitting by the water...

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    Re: The New Bayou

    I was less than thrilled with my surf and turf. The filet seemed like it was poached and a half of lobster tail?, really?...And they took the short ribs off the dinner menu?!...I guess its plaza inn/Flo's or bust!

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    Re: The New Bayou

    Quote Originally Posted by DLRFoodie911 View Post
    And they took the short ribs off the dinner menu?!...I guess its plaza inn/Flo's or bust!
    It's still available for lunch (and priced less then, to boot).

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