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    Halloween Party Crowds

    How do the Halloween party crowds vary? Is it reasonable to expect much heavier crowds on Halloween, or is there a set amount of tickets sold every night? Is there any one night on Halloween week that would have lower crowds? Getting kinda stoked over here!

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    Re: Halloween Party Crowds

    In general the closer you get to Oct. 31, the larger the crowds get. They do limit the number of tickets per party, but that limit is only constrained by park capacity. If you plan to attend one of the parties, be aware that the crowds will be extremely heavy. They have added earlier dates this year and I would guess the earlier parties and those on Tuesdays will have lighter crowds than the weekend parties.

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    Re: Halloween Party Crowds

    At first, it is really crazy because you still have regular guests in the park but as time goes by, the CMs enforce access to areas and rides to only people with wristbands. Then about half the guests are in line getting candy & character visits while the other half is enjoying the attractions. I was trying to guesstimate how many people attend - I think they sell about 30,000 tickets.

    After the fireworks shows, the park empties out quite a lot and the lines for candy and attractions are much shorter, but you will be tired and if you have children with you they will be zonked!

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