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    Re: Lone Ranger in the parks?

    If you guys wanted Lone Ranger in the park, you need to go see it at the theater. As of right now it appears they won't because of the lack of money it is making. So, go out to the movies, bring a friend.If you loved it, go see it again. Tell people it is a good movie and ignore the critics.

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    Re: Lone Ranger in the parks?

    i saw it and i don't want it in the parks.

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    Re: Lone Ranger in the parks?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomorrowland67 View Post
    An article in "The Hollywood Reporter" said industry analysts predict a $150 million loss for the Lone Ranger movie. Some even predict a loss closer to $190 million.

    It those predictions are accurate, we are as likely to see John Carter in the parks as we are the Lone Ranger.
    Well ... the film's budget was reportedly $250 million, and then you have to add in an additional $100ish million in advertising. $350 million is a high bar for any film to reach. The best estimates I've seen are that the Lone Ranger is looking to make about $100 million in domestic theaters.

    The real question is whether or not Johnny Depp will drive the foreign market (and if the film will make $100 million overseas or closer to $200 million overseas). The opening weekend foreign numbers were 25% better than the American numbers, but didn't even reflect western Europe. I suspect it will be closer to the first number, but it will be weeks before we know for sure.

    For comparison purposes, the Lone Ranger ...

    Opening Weekend Domestic: $40 million
    Film Budget: $250 million

    Curse of the Black Pearl ...

    Opening Weekend Domestic: $46 million
    Film Budget: $140 million
    Advertising Budget: $40 million
    Total Domestic Revenue: $305 million
    Total Foreign Revenue: $340 million
    First Year DVD sales: $260 million

    Look at those last three numbers = approx $905 million

    It is my guess, that if the Lone Ranger can show big DVD sales and Depp, Verbinski etc are willing to take much, much less money, a sequel will get made. The ball is going to be in their court. Big Budget special effects movies almost never lose money - even universally recognized flops like John Carter and Waterworld made profits (link).
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    Re: Lone Ranger in the parks?

    POTC: COTBP (I'm sure I can figure out how to make that acronym longer, it needs it) had the advantage of a snowballing box office and much better word of mouth.

    It doesn't guarantee one way or another. Just less cause for optimism.
    Woo! Spring is coming!

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    Re: Lone Ranger in the parks?

    Here's a problem with ANY Lone Ranger DVD. Bonus features are becoming more and more terrible these days. That was the reason I bought DVDs to begin with but with Disney cutting costs there, putting less on those discs is going to discourage me from buying these movies.

    The Rocketeer and Dick Tracy were absolute must haves for me on blu-ray, but since they came with squat, I didn't bother buying them.

    Gotta spend money to make money... even on bombs.

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    Re: Lone Ranger in the parks?

    It's not just that the movie bombed at the box office, it's how it is perceived by the hyper-politicized groupthink of the Disney power hierarchy. The Lone Ranger is leper-on-a-cracker, nobody in the management chain is going to risk their credibility by supporting sequels, park presence, merchandise, animation spinoffs or anything else associated with it.
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