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Thread: Birthday tips?

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    Birthday tips?

    We may be in Disneyland for our daughters' 8th birthday. We won't be back for at least a few years, so this will be the last real
    "childhood" trip.

    Any tips for things to experience while in the park on your birthday? What restaurants would be best for an 8 year old girls' birthday dinner? Do any of the bakery's offer birthday cakes/cupcakes? Anything I should plan on reserving/signing up for ahead of time? Sorry for asking so many questions, lol
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    Re: Birthday tips?

    If you're staying on property, make sure to mention that. Frequently the hotel staff will help set up birthday surprises and such.

    If you're staying at a price level where they're offering concierge level service, this is a slamdunk for them and they do it daily.

    Beyond that, start at City Hall (or apparently most frontline CMs these days) and get a birthday pin. The rest kinda depends on you and your family. If character breakfasts and such are important, call ahead and find out what can be done to the individual restaurant (unless you've got Concierge, of course - let them do it, they're trained).
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    Re: Birthday tips?

    If she's into princesses, Ariel's grotto might be your best bet. The princesses are out and about while you eat, which many little girls LOVE! The food is pretty good too

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    Re: Birthday tips?

    Several eateries offer a princess "chest" cake set up with a very small cake (think cupcake size) with small trinkets for around $15.00. If you plan a sit down meal you can order a custom cake to any Disney Table service restaurant. They can be ordered by calling Disney Vacation Planning at (714) 300-7526, option 2, or (714) 781-4438.

    If she is a princess lover you could do the Ariel Princess meal as a shot to see princesses up close and personal without going to the princess fair. They do breakfast and lunch/dinner. If she is more into Minnie Mouse and the like, than the Plaza Inn Breakfast might be the way to go. Reservations for all character meals can be made through Disney Dining at 714-781-DINE (3463)
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    Re: Birthday tips?

    Several years ago on my birthday at one of the shops in Adventureland, a CM saw my birthday button and asked if I would like a character birthday phone call. They picked up the phone and dialed some number and then handed the phone to me and it was a recorded message of I think Goofy wishing me a Happy Birthday. It was really awesome and I'm not sure if they still do that but you can always ask. Also, definitely make sure to pick up that birthday button as your child will be recognized all day by not only Cast Members but friendly guests too.

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    Re: Birthday tips?

    Get her a birthday button for sure. Go to City Hall first thing and get her one and have her wear it at all times. Not only is it nice to have "happy birthday" said to you, but it will get you a free dessert at just about every sit-down restaurant, including Downtown Disney. I got free desserts at Blue Bayou, Carnation Cafe, Cafe Orleans, Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen (DTD), and PCH Grill. They sang to me at Carnation Cafe and the Jazz Kitchen but not anywhere else.

    Most of the time, if available, they will seat the birthday guest in the front of every ride.
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