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Thread: WoC Equipment

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    WoC Equipment

    Hello all,
    Iv'e been doing some researching lately and cannot find answers. Does anyone know the equipment used in the WoC control room?? I know they use grandMA, but how bout the fountain software? The intercom system (looks like a touchscreen with a small round speaker next to it)


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    Re: WoC Equipment

    The fountain control system was devised via a partnership between Disney, MA Lighting, and Fisher Technical Sevices. The FTSI custom interface system receives input from grandMA 2 consoles using MA-Net protocol and outputs EtherCAT industrial machine protocol to the fountain systems. The system was conceived by technical producer Chuck Davis and principle fountain programmer and designer Jason Badger. The entire operator interface comprises four grandMA 2 consoles, seven NPUs, and a replay unit.
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